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The projector and screen to use
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摘要:The projector and screen to use

  Screen and projector with the use of the product, there are soft and hard screen panel two.Soft screen according to the production process and surface coating of different generally divided into ordinary white screen and screen glass bead. Ordinary white screen is white spray paint in special fabric, and do the simple after the deal is made, has the advantages of cheap, point of view, the visual effect of the soft. But because of the light gain whitescreen is small, and therefore only suitable for use in small and medium-sized conference room, or with the use of high brightness projector. The screen is made of micro glass beadspray powder in the special fabric, which has the advantages of moderate price, point of view, high gain, the disadvantage is not repeatedly rolled or glass bead, easy to fall off,affect the use effect. At present, the domestic market sales of soft screen according to the origin can be divided into two kinds of domestic and imported, imported screen has the advantages of good quality, the general use of two to three years after the screen color will gradually turn yellow; drawback is the price expensive than domestic products with the specifications of your 3-5 times,. Domestic screen has the advantages of low price,complete specifications, after sale service is good, but after 1 years of use of some products will appear yellow and crimping phenomenon. The use of soft screen according to the different ways can be divided into a screen (triangle bracket / double stem bracket),hanging screen, electric screen, remote control electric screen, rear projection screen,electric screen, the use of hanging in the meeting room, often need to use the mobileshould consider buying support screen.

A hard screen is a metal screen, in line with the low brightness of the projector to use, can improve the visual effect. The advantages of the hard screen with high gain, a 700ANSIprojector lumens with 1000ANSI hard screen can be used in ordinary white soft lumen projector screen use effect (brightness index). The hard screen is expensive, perspective,bulky, easy oxidation. Rear projection screen is widely used for hard screen, according to the principle of different variety. There are a number of domestic and foreign brands can choose.

It is worth noting that the effect of high brightness projector projection in the general on the white wall is also very good, as long as I keep the wall clean white, also can not buy the same screen, you can get a good effect of projection.

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