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How to select the projection screen
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摘要:How to select the projection screen

  More and more people are buying their own home projector, in the form of home theater.After the initial bubble forum, field survey, believe that choose a projector, with their highprice is not a problem. Because after all, in the same budget situation, competing productsare generally not more than five.

  However, unlike the TV projector, it needs a series of speakers, amplifier and the curtain to cooperate in order to achieve the best effect, which is one of the tough problems is difficult to popularize the projector. The problem has cropped up, most players the most headaches for the projector screen, because of how to determine the type, size and position of the installation, the materials have to brand selection are very complex, I do not know where to start. Today, starting from zero, simple talk about home theater curtainselection.

  The first step: the choice of the form of the curtain

  From the installation manner of speaking, the curtain is divided into hanging curtain,curtain bracket, folding screen, curtain. At present domestic mainly in the mount, and themount and screen frame and telescopic screen

  The screen frame, as the name suggests, the curtain is fixed on the wall paintings.Aluminum frame to make a similar picture frame, and then spring buckle in the curtaincurtain. This is the simplest type of screen settings, you need to do is fix it to the wall. Has the advantages of smooth, a lot cheaper than electric wire screen. The disadvantage is not close, easy to dust pollution, long-term exposure in the air, easy to oxidation discoloration.This is the biggest flaw of the screen, because once the installation can not change position. Fixed projection screen also has a benefit, it is usually not easy to wrinkle, whichcan maintain a smooth surface projection. The curtain has special audio-visual room,usually do not take a friend.


A telescopic screen can be manual or electric motor to control the lifting (electric curtain).The advantages of manual screen is cheap, easy to install, the quality can be consideredthe requirements is not high, the disadvantage is the long-term use of the process, due toreasons such as the pull force will appear "V" type corrugated, flat screen effect. But for home users, it is difficult to ensure the screen every time for the same position, thus affecting the picture effect.

And the electric curtain is the most common people see all kinds of products, has the advantages of good smoothness, easy maintenance, the curtain is composed of a motorfrom both ends to ensure the uniform decentralization, not affected by external force, with easy lifting, easy installation, can be maintained for a long time the smoothness, long-term use does not produce corrugated. This type of screen the biggest disadvantage is the price, it is usually more expensive than other types of curtain, but people are still willing touse this type, after all, value for money.

  Electric wire screen

In the electric scene we must mention that the electric wire screen. This scene is the most expensive in the domestic level, it is on both sides of the electric curtain and tension line on a level to level up and down the curtain, is a heavy curtain margin increases strength. It is of course the smooth (pull the curtain formation is very important, need big tension), andcan be collected, and strong structure a scene very texture.

The second step: the proportion of choice

The curtain has a variety of image formats, such as 4:3, 16:9 and so on, you can chooseaccording to the use requirements, special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. In fact, now the proportion for selection is not important, because from the video signal, the majority of home users are watching movies, so the choice of the curtain is no doubt 16:9.

Some people say that 16:9 projector will buy 16:9 screen, 4:3 screen to buy 4:3, and thecorresponding purchase, but that is not the case. What proportion of the screen does not depend on the projector, but to look at their usual played most often signal format. This is because as a projector, regardless of the input signal which is proportional to the normalprojection. If the most used large, then the 90% is 16:9 screen (although 2.35:1 has a lot of, but also to include the subtitle region of 16:9 can complete display), then buy the 16:9screen.

In fact, the 4:3 screen can also display 16:9 images, there are regions that the screen isempty. 16:9 screen can also display 4:3 picture, picture or part of empty can. But according to the human visual habits, 4:3 screen display the 16:9 screen makes it easier for people toaccept.

The third step: the screen size selection

  To be clear, in the form of a home theater, the size and position of the curtain is in all processes before the first to consider. Because both the viewing distance or projectordisplay position can be adjusted later, but the screen is not the same, once the size determination, it cannot be changed.


Maybe some people will say, under certain conditions, the size of the bigger the better. Butthis sentence should be to look at two aspects, first to be sure, the picture is the nature ofthe shock, but if the picture is too large will stun the viewer. Then how to determine the size of the width of the curtain wall mounted? Is the first to determine, for the 16:9 screen, the width is the only condition screen size.

For example, if the wall is 5 meters wide, 1.5 meters wide need to deduct the main speakers and subwoofer occupied width, then the biggest screen width of 3.5 metres, 16:9picture is the 1.778:1 picture. According to the actual width of 3.5 meters, height according to the proportion is 1.97 meters, so the screen size is 3.5 meters by 1.97 meters, the diagonal distance of 4.02 meters, is 158 inches screen, according to the product size is150 inches.


This is the watch from a distance sufficient condition, can use the curtain. But according to the experience and scientific terms, the ideal viewing distance should be the diagonalequivalent, that is to say the above example, the viewing distance should be 4 meters. If you close it, people will have a sense of vertigo. So if the viewing distance is not enough, if only to watch from a distance as a benchmark, the size of the reverse calculation.

According to the width of the curtain wall in size, so the height of installation has no effect?The answer is negative, because the picture height will affect the viewing experience.General visual center and eyes with high or visual picture with eyes with high 1/3. Thelower edge of the best within half a meter from the ground in.

 The fourth step: the choice of materials

On the choice of materials, the market is currently the most chaotic and consumers are the most headache problem. Currently on the market is mainly divided into four categories: softcurtain curtain, curtain, white plastic screen glass and glass bead curtain.

Soft curtain: curtain to native to the United States. This specifically for the projection of the PVC material has the best quality, bright glass curtain and sharpness to soft, both ready.There are the biggest features: soft curtain is not a surface coating, but a special imaging PVC thickness, stereo sense is very rich, the quality of transparent. Because without anybacking to support, so the material is soft, therefore, to make up the expansion, pull thecurtain, screen surface is more flat, or a screen frame, the spring will straighten frame screen curtain.

Glass curtain curtain to the origin of America: excellent. The glass fiber and glass fiber is divided into white ash. Bottom fabric woven by the glass line, surface coated with a special projection effect of PVC material. The glass fiber cloth as support, so there is no need toflatten, stretch will be flat. The utility model has the advantages that the temperaturedifference and climate change is large, also can keep straight. Because the glass fibercloth effect, make the gain and increase contrast. White screen bright color, gray screencan make the contrast increase. In the past the bright enough contrast projection equipment, under the condition of insufficient use gray screen, high-definition projectionequipment at present most faithful to the true color, and a new generation of high-definitionprojection equipment itself has enough contrast, so most people will choose a white veil.Fiberglass screen is widely used for high end screen.

White plastic screen: the screen is divided into white (also known as white plastic) and gray screen. Bottom fabric woven by textile line, surface coated with a special projection effect of PVC material. Widely used in business and education.

Glass bead curtain: by the textile woven into cloth bottom line, surface coated with glassbeads, is mainly used to increase the brightness, contrast, perspective and poor qualitycompared to the other the difference. For more bright spot. Now the business has enoughteaching projector lumens of light, so the bead curtain has been less and less people, eventeaching generally use white plastic screen.

VS grey white curtain

There are a lot of friends is directly asked, what is good or good grey white curtain. In fact,read the above description we already know, simply talk about white or grey is very general. Because of a variety of materials can be made of these two kinds of color, andwhat color to use is based on the projector brightness and contrast to decide. If thecontrast is high, can choose white curtain. If the high brightness, recommended the grey curtain, can fill the lack of contrast.


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